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The 2022 Connecticut Manufacturing Report, produced by CBIA and affiliates CONNSTEP and Ready CT, made possible again this year by RSM’s generous support, reviews the state of the sector, examines the effects of an uneven economic recovery, and explores prospects. growth factors; policy priorities; The next 12 months, including rental and investment trends.

The past two years have fully tested the resilience and innovation of Connecticut’s manufacturing sector. Companies have systems, business models; consumer behavior; With the way we view careers and the workplace seemingly in constant flux, companies are adapting to a rapidly changing post-pandemic world.

This report provides important insights into the state of manufacturing in Connecticut, and the ability to transform the sector. Building a sustainable economy that emphasizes meaningful careers and a positive business climate provides a path to take full advantage of our state’s unique assets.

Producers from CBIA July 6 through August 8 complete information and data shared in the 2022 Connecticut Production Report. It is drawn from multiple sources, including interviews with several state and federal agencies and private and public sector manufacturing leaders and officials.



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