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DUBLIN–(Business Wire)— added the report “Growth Opportunities Driven by Shift from Manufacturing to Zero Emissions”. of ResearchAndMarkets.com An offering.

The study analyzes solutions that modern manufacturers can adopt to significantly reduce process emissions without compromising on manufacturing operations.

The industrial sector accounts for 20% or more of global emissions and is working to achieve global climate targets set in the 2015 Paris Agreement. Government and technology play an important role as facilitators of the zero-emissions vision. environmental concerns; Driven by consumer awareness and government regulation, the new era of Industry 5.0 prioritizes the goals of sustainable manufacturing and industrial automation. Public-private partnerships will be a big asset to this vision.

Government support, such as subsidies and national-level projects to deploy efficient energy systems, is mandated to promote emission-free production. Governments finance R&D support for efficient technologies that will stimulate investment from key private players to effectively deploy energy emission reduction technologies.

Artificial Intelligence Industrial Internet of Things; Advanced technologies such as Robotics and Blockchain have useful applications to enable disruptive technologies to achieve and effectively achieve absolute emission targets.

automobile heavy industry; Major polluting sectors such as ICT and packaging are redefining their business vision towards net-zero business by adopting sustainable methods. Various manufacturers have adopted zero-emission approaches, replacing existing energy systems with renewable energy; A zero-waste approach will not only benefit the environment but also ensure quality control and defect-free production.

Industries have long supported circular models, primarily for economic gain, to overcome resource constraints and manage higher consumer expectations. The waste management crisis will further drive the growth and wider applications of this model, which will transform the entire value chain.

The fastest approach to reducing carbon emissions: The negative emissions approach seeks to capture and remove carbon from the atmosphere. Its adoption is likely to have ripple effects across sectors and create new business trends.

New business models, such as zero-production services, are likely to expand and offer end-to-end solutions that help achieve emissions goals. Top players are likely to collaborate with partners who work with sustainable practices throughout the supply chain.

Key topics include:

1. Strategic needs

  • Why is growth becoming more difficult to achieve?

  • Strategic Imperative

  • Our Mega Trend Universe: An Overview

  • Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine

2. Executive dashboard

  • Mega Trend Universe: Manufacturing to Zero Emission.

  • Primary findings

  • Growth opportunities critical to future success

3. Strategic content

  • Manufacturing-to-Zero-Emissions: An Overview

  • Manufacturing workflow

  • Reshaping Manufacturing in 2030.

  • Production emissions and forecasting

  • Direct and indirect sources of emissions

4. Regional perspective: Zero emissions from leading edge production

  • Local effects

  • Initiatives from regions with the highest CO2 emissions: United States

  • Initiatives and policies from the highest emitting regions: the European Union

  • National Energy Budget: Accelerator for Industries

  • Leverages Key Trend Opportunities; 2020-2030

  • Trend Opportunity: Attraction Analysis.

5. Technology Perspective: The Future of Zero-Emission Manufacturing

  • Key Technologies Enable Zero-emission Manufacturing.

  • Technology Focus 1: AI

  • Technology Focus 2: IoT

  • Technology Focus 3: Robotics

  • Technology Focus 4: Blockchain

6. Industry perspective: approach of major polluting industries

  • Approaches to Zero Emission Manufacturing at Crucial Industries

  • Approaches to Zero Emissions: The Automotive Sector

  • An Approach to Zero Emissions: The Heavy Industry Sector

  • Zero-emission Manufacturing: The ICT Sector

  • Approaches to zero-emission manufacturing: the packaging sector

7. Traffic Impact Analysis.

  • Trend Opportunity Impact and Certainty Analysis

  • Trend Opportunity Disruption Index

  • Trend Disruption attractiveness score

  • Trend Opportunity Growth Index

  • Growth attractiveness score

  • Trends Beets Effects

8. Growth Opportunity Universe

  • Growth Opportunity 1: IIoT for emissions monitoring

  • Growth opportunity 2: Microgrid power system

  • Growth opportunity 3: Closed-loop business models

  • The journey ahead

9. Appendix

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