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Friday November 18 The year 2022

Today’s headlines

  • Local health care providers are facing a major spike in severe pediatric respiratory infections.
  • Students at Urbana High School are resuming remote learning Friday as part of an ongoing investigation into threats made against the school Wednesday.
  • Former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan remains a fundraising force even as he faces federal corruption charges.
  • The University of Illinois Pakistani Student Association is encouraging fellow students to donate to relief efforts in Pakistan, where nearly a third of the country is under water due to floods.

In today’s deep dive, We will learn about the widespread contamination of drinking water caused by a 3M manufacturing plant along the Mississippi River.

217 produced by Sydney Wood today. Ariceli Gomez-Aldana; Emily Hayes Dave McKinney Hannah Lonergan and Juanpablo Ramirez-Franco report today.


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