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The future of decentralized manufacturing is now. The global digital manufacturing market size has been estimated. 320 billion US dollars It is expected to arrive in 2021. USD 1.370 trillion By 2030, CAGR growing at 16.5% during the forecast period (2022-2030). 3DOS is looking to disrupt tradition. $12 trillion Global Manufacturing Market. We hope to reach the manufacturing market as needed. $112 billion By 2024, 3D printing is predicted to overtake the industry. 50 billion dollars In 2030

3DOS aims to build the world’s largest decentralized manufacturing network, allowing you to monetize your 3D printed designs.

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In today’s digital world, the traditional system of backup creation and storage feels antiquated. centralized production sites; Extensive warehousing and complex transportation of ship parts around the world is neither futuristic nor environmentally friendly.

“As the global manufacturing supply chain moves toward decentralized, local production, companies need to protect their patents and guarantee authenticity. So we started developing 3DOS. The network uses NFT-based blockchain technology — anyone can upload a design; Get paid and do it on demand anywhere in the world.” — John DogruCEO of 3DOS

design all in one platform; Production and monetization.

Our crowdfunding campaign is here and we’re launching 3DOS on StartEngine.

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3DOS to decentralize the manufacturing process; We have a vision to provide a flexible and transparent supply chain and create new sources of digital income for everyone.

It’s your chance to join 3DOS and become one of the first investors as we build and launch the world’s largest decentralized manufacturing network. Learn more about our crowdfunding campaign here.

3DOS is a Silicon Valley company founded in 2019 with the goal of building the world’s largest decentralized manufacturing network built on Web 3 using NFTs as a licensing tool.

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