5 Top Value Stocks to Watch in the Consumer Protection Sector – Andersons (NASDAQ:ANDE), Newell Brands (NASDAQ:NWL), Perdoceo Education (NASDAQ:PRDO), Skillsoft (NYSE:SKIL), Gravitas Education (NYSE:GEHI) | So Good News


What is a Value Stock?

The stock price is defined based on how investors in the market view the future of the company. A low P/E ratio is a good initial indicator that the company is undervalued and can be listed as a value stock.

Benzinga Insights has compiled a list of valuable products in the consumer protection sector that may be worth checking out:

  1. Skillsoft SKIL – P/E: 2.4
  2. Perdoceo studies PRDO – P/E: 9.39
  3. Gravitas Training Gee – P/E: 3.63
  4. Newell Brands NWL – P/E: 9.75
  5. Andersons ANDE – P/E: 9.46

Skillsoft reported Q2 earnings per share at $0.09, an increase of 160.0% compared to Q1, which was -0.15. Perdoceo studies saw a decrease in profit per share from 0.42 in Q2 to $ 0.39 now. Gravitas Education has reported Q4 profit per share at $1.0, which has increased by 183.33% compared to Q3, which was -1.2. Newell Brands recently reported earnings per share of $0.53, compared to Q2 earnings per share of $0.57. The latest dividend yield is 6.52%, which is up 1.89% from 4.63% in the previous quarter.

This quarter, Andersons experienced a decline in earnings per share, which was $2.39 in Q2 and is now $0.5. The company’s most recent yield stood at 1.85%, down 0.12% from 1.97% last quarter.

Its Importance: A value stock may need time to recover from its negative position. The risk of investing in a stock market is that this may not happen.


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