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Auto Chess MOBAis new MOBA The game is available as early access. The game is based on a game called Auto Chess Dragon Nest Games. However, unlike Auto Chess, Auto Chess aims to compete with mobile MOBA powerhouses like MOBA. Mobile Legends: Bang Bangthe and League of Legends Wild Rift. In this article, we take a deeper look Objectives Auto Chess MOBA. How to play it effectively to give your team the best chance to win.

Enter objectives in Auto Chess MOBA

In order to win each game, players must complete or satisfy certain objectives. The game’s various objectives range from killing every enemy to destroying a specific structure. For Auto Chess MOBA, like other MOBA games, the goal is very simple. Destroy the enemy’s base structure before they destroy your team’s base structure.

Although this main goal seems easy to accomplish, it consists of many other things sub-quests increasing the player’s ability to destroy enemy bases. Although these the Keep in mind that if the game has “objectives”, these objectives do not guarantee victory once they are completed. Except for the destruction of the enemy’s base unit, the victorious team came back without losing all their objectives due to the carelessness of the team.


The Towers are friendly structures located in each column and each base of the player. These structures are put in place to protect the players and especially the end goal of the player base. Destroying towers must be consistent for each column. To destroy the second tower, the player must first destroy the outer tower protecting it. To destroy the enemy base, players must destroy at least an entire row of towers to make them vulnerable.

Auto Chess MOBA Objectives
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This is probably the second most important objective in the game after destroying the base. Even though many players are constantly dying, there is a style of play that only pushes towers, and they win games with such scores. 2 people died, 18 people died. However, this playstyle is not recommended for obvious reasons, which shows how important it is to prioritize destroying towers.


One of the unique aspects of Autochess MOBA that sets it apart from most other mobile MOBA games is the presence of beacons. Beacons are altars placed on each side of the map. To get the beacon, every member of your team can 100 goldand you get a view of the area where the lighthouse is located.

Auto Chess MOBA Objectives
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Although not as important as pushing turrets, beacons are still very important to capture, as it not only gives the team gold power, but also vision for a safe lane. Providing a view to the safe lane would make the carry safe and they wouldn’t gank to hit hard against the enemy and it would be easier for the team to win the game.

Archaic Overlord in Auto Chess MOBA

Archaic Overlord is also considered similar to Roshan from the DOTA series and Baron Nashor from Game of Legends. One of the other sub-objectives in Autochess Moba is to kill the Archaic Soldier, as this gives the kill team a significant advantage. This is the end game goal where many teams will fight and emerge to ensure safety.

Archaic Overlord
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To win Archaic Overlord combat It’s usually a win condition for many games, as it’s when you win a skirmish against the enemy team and get a buff for your team at the same time. Knowing when to initiate it and when to let the enemy ambush can determine who wins or loses the game in a very close combat.


Finally, the base is the most important structure in the current. Today, the primary and most important goal in most MOBAs other than Pokemon fusion is to destroy the opposing team’s base. When the huge structure in the base is destroyed, the team loses.

Auto Chess MOBA Objectives
Image via Dragon Nest

Although it looks simple, players must prepare items purchased with gold to defeat the enemy team guarding the base. The above objectives will go a long way in realizing this primary goal.

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