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As the train whistle blows, my thoughts turn to the railroad crossings found in our community and across the country.

Safety at level crossings is a major issue across Canada. The railway companies, other organizations and municipalities take the time in September each year to highlight the dangers of railway tracks and crossings to the general public.

For many of us, crossings are more of an inconvenience, but in many cases the railroad tracks existed long before we came to cross them. The original settlers, followed by trains of supplies, merchants and artisans, followed by train. Our goods from the past to the present move 24 hours a day on the rails, criss-crossing our country. In Western Canada, crossings exist at every junction with the railway. Many crossings are marked with unlit signs and indicated by a giant X. Trains mark their approach to the crossings with a characteristic horn. We are all responsible for obeying the signs and sounds of level crossings and trains.

Stop and give the train the right of way. At other crossings, flashing lights and bells mark the train’s arrival, yet further safety improvements such as stop arms have been added to level crossings to help eliminate accidents. Each safety device must be followed to make a difference in safety.

Over the years have See, listen, live the campaign has helped raise awareness of these level crossings for those on foot, by bike or other means of transport. As more and more individuals use earbuds to communicate or listen to their devices, this leads to us not paying as much attention to flashing lights, bells and horns. The campaign encourages us to take an extra look both ways, take a moment to remove the earplugs and listen for signs of an approaching train.

Every train engineer or conductor goes to work every day and wants an uneventful day at work. We can all help them with their goals. Whether you drive a vehicle, walk or jog or ride a bicycle or bike, please look, listen and stay alive as you approach a railroad crossing in and around our community.

Thank you for making a difference in rail safety.

Mayor Gerald S. Aalbers
The City of Lloydminster

All level crossings in Lloydminster are operated by Canadian National or Canadian Pacific, which Transport Canada regulates. Neither the Province of Alberta, the Province of Saskatchewan nor the City of Lloydminster is responsible for regulating crossings.

To report a level crossing concern, contact Transport Canada at 1-613-998-2985 or toll-free at 1-844-897-7245. Reporting can also be done by e-mail at [email protected].


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