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Nicolas Vettese received the gift every chess player dreams of this summer: an international title after winning a single tournament.

The 18-year-old University of Toronto student took first place at the North American Youth Championships in Calgary. According to the rules of the World Chess Federation, this immediately qualified him for the title of international master.

“Of course, it was amazing. I never thought I would win,” he said. The International Master title is one step below the Grandmaster, the highest achievement in chess.

Vettese is no stranger to success on the chessboard. At the age of 10, he became the youngest Canadian master. His career began in an elementary school lunch program and he became one of Canada’s top young players.

Usually, players earn titles by winning multiple rounds in international tournaments and maintaining a high ranking. Vettese has no illusions about how he got the title and feels lucky to have it.

Every chess player who succeeds at a young age makes a decision, he says. Some devote hours of study every day to get better, while others see chess as a hobby.

Despite his recent success, Vettese says chess is still a hobby.

Nicolas Vettese vs. Sean Rodrigue-Lemieux, Calgary, 2022

What is White’s best move?

White played Rg4 threat 32.Re4, while Black is paralyzed. The similar idea 32.Rg3 does not work because 32… Nc2 33.Rg3 Qxd4.


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