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In most cases, the answer is no – not by themselves. Many drivers believe that franchise dealers do not want to drive their old cars. Even OEM campaigns have struggled to reach any market share for vehicles that are four years old or older.

There are reasons for this. The cost of creating and running their own marketing campaign to win customers is not cheap. As one student said in a recent AM webinar: “It costs more to get a customer than the cost of the service”.

With cars between the ages of 0-3 dwindling, it is more important than ever for franchised dealers to fill their showrooms with older vehicles. However, it is very difficult for their marketing departments to overcome the misconceptions that consumers have about their cars being sent to dealerships. Consumers believe that:

1. Advertisers are not interested driving vehicles 4+ years old

2. Franchised dealers will only ship the vehicle if it has been there purchased through them

3. Franchise delivery is expensive

Success of SecretServiceTM it proves that all these problems are possible. More than 80% of bookings through the after-sale market are repeat customers – in other words, they have never seen a garage before.

With category 1 vehicles (parc 0 to 3 years old) dwindling, it is more important than ever to attract older vehicles to franchise locations. Especially since retention is going to be more difficult in the future – keeping a declining customer base is not the answer, so finding new customers is essential.

The advantages of entering this market do not end there. Attracting older vehicles into the network also means higher final invoices. More work is always known through the regular VHC process.

SecretServiceTM they use AI and algorithms to determine the right price and place ads in front of the right people, acquiring customers through social media at a price that makes it possible to win the market. It has proven to be incredibly successful. SecretServiceTM now it is the only possible way, made for authorized dealers, to get a winning business and it is growing more and more every year. In the last month alone, it has increased the number of franchise customers who subscribe to SecretServiceTM about 20%.

The technology behind SecretServiceTM they are designed only for customers who do not already want to reserve a place with the garage. It also obtains records of the presence of each dealer, regardless of the Dealer Management System used, and at no additional cost. Motorists can view MOT advice, recalls and dealers have warranties or service plans can be uploaded. SecretServiceTM it also provides a comprehensive set of reports, providing excellent KPI information.

The service is capacity-driven, meaning that bookings are only available if there is room to fill. And with a 400% guaranteed minimum return on investment, there is no risk for the seller – an additional profitable opportunity.

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