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The AES competition serves to stimulate the innovation of the next generation of energy industry professionals

ARLINGTON, WV., October 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AES Corporation (NYSE: AES) today announced the winners of the 2022 Energy Innovation Competition. The winners are three graduate students of the university University of Dayton: Scott Eardley, Sean Kapp and Megan McNally. The UD Flyers, as the students call their team, developed Project Oasis, an indoor agriculture system powered by solar energy and battery storage. The prize-based competition brings together teams of graduate students with diverse backgrounds to create and propose solutions to pressing issues facing the energy industry today.

“We created the Energy Innovation Challenge to encourage energy professionals to explore new and potentially untapped solutions to current and future energy challenges,” he said. Bernard Da Santos, AES Chief Operating Officer and Advisor to Challenge organizers. “With innovation part of our company’s DNA, we want to accelerate new ways to build a clean, smart energy future. Scott, Sean and Megan’s solar and storage urban farm concept solves many of the challenges facing local communities. Ohio and United States wider. We congratulate them on their winning project.”

UD Flyer’s innovative project provides both carbon-free energy and locally grown produce. Edgemont next door, both reduce emissions Dayton district and help address food deserts in that neighborhood. Not only did UD Flyers present an in-depth technical solution, the team also impressed the judges with their consideration of the multidisciplinary aspects required to realize such an impactful project, including funding, economic benefits, community stakeholder management and social impact.

The second place team will come Johns Hopkins University (JHU) and consists of students: Alain Nieman, Grant Taylor Miller, Jack Prill, Sebastian Gettelman and Travis Jaramillo. The JHU team has developed a solution to decarbonize steel while restoring economic and community growth Pennsylvania steel city. The team’s proposed solution includes using additional renewable energy to produce green hydrogen for steel furnaces, as well as creating a circular economy in the steel market to reduce the energy needed to produce steel. The AC/DC team impressed the judges by demonstrating the positive impact this project would have on the community, based on the band’s research and community outreach.

“We created the Energy Innovation Challenge to help inspire the next generation of energy industry professionals,” he said Tish Mendoza, AES Chief Human Resources Officer and Advisor to Challenge organizers. “AES is accelerating the clean energy transition through innovation in green, smart energy technologies and approaches. The industry is constantly evolving and AES is committed to supporting new talent who are reimagining and building the future of energy.”

Now in its second year, the AES Energy Innovation Challenge provides students with an exciting opportunity to gain the real-world experience, skills and insights needed to accelerate a responsible energy transition—all while connecting with leaders at AES, a Fortune 500 global energy company. designed to lead the transformation to a greener energy future. This year’s challenge included teams from four universities, including 19 students from mechanical engineering, sustainable energy, international relations, and more. studying subjects.

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