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LANSING – As families prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving and other traditions to welcome the holidays, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is launching his annual holiday consumer protection campaign that looks at ways to protect your information if you’ll be hitting the stores alone or online this weekend.

From Friday through mid-December, the Attorney General’s website will focus on educating consumers about the many scams and techniques used to defraud them of their holiday savings.

“Holidays are a time of year when we get together to enjoy traditions and spend time with family,” says Nessel. “Unfortunately, this is the time of year when criminals take advantage of increased consumer spending to gain access to personal and financial information. Michigan residents should have peace of mind this holiday season and should take advantage of the financial resources available through the Attorney General’s Department to he should protect himself from the sorcerers.”

To start the process, Nessel is sharing information about the biggest shopping and giving days of the year – Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber ​​​​Monday and Giving Tuesday – and restoring consumer information that focuses on protecting your information.

Nessel’s first warning looks at ways to keep your credit card accounts safe from snoopers.

The instructions include creating a unique password and PIN that is unique to the credit card, as well as keeping the information confidential and shredding documents such as text before they enter the trash.

Nessel is also sending its online shopping and smart philanthropic information to consumers.

Keep these things in mind if you’re making money online:

  • Search for a dealer. You’ll get to know the business and what’s available if you visit a store, but on the Internet some businesses are made up of people who just want your credit card information or other personal information. Avoid online sellers if you can’t verify their listed locations and customer service phone numbers. Then double check that the listing is valid by entering it into an online search.
  • Search online pictures of the item and any other pictures the seller has posted to see where the item is from, how much it costs and who is selling it. Watch this video to learn how to do this.
  • When shopping online, pay by credit card. Credit cards offer protection that allows you to dispute payments if an item is not delivered or not advertised.

When donating this holiday season, consider reviewing the Also AG Charity Search database to confirm the cause. Nessel’s Wise Charitable Giving Consumer Alert also provides information on other questions that should be answered when giving to an organization or issue.

Those looking to shop locally are encouraged to check out the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s (MEDC) Support Local campaign, which provides online resources to help people shop and eat locally.

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The department provides a library of resources to help consumers review at any time on a variety of topics.

Your contact with consumer protection is just a click away or a phone call away. Consumer complaints can be filed online at the Attorney General’s website, or by calling 877-765-8388.



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