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Over the past two decades, MSP has contributed to the growth of the global manufacturing industry by creating its innovative products.

MSP was founded in 2002 by Tony Brown, MSP’s commercial director, and Peter Hammond, technical director, who retired in 2021.

During their previous careers in software development and mechanical engineering, both of them had witnessed engineers struggling to fix errors uncovered during final inspections—when it was too late to fix the problem.

MSP team at 20th anniversary celebrations in York

They recognize that these part errors are introduced by the machine or part specification process.

As Tony explains, “It’s ‘Eureka!’ The moment that spurred the invention of MSP. Why do manufacturers struggle to make good parts when they can eliminate the mistakes that cause problems?

“Eliminates risk of damage to finished parts”

From this moment on, It is the responsibility of the MSP to remove all errors from the part production process so that the manufacturer can be confident that the parts will be produced correctly every time.

AutoClock is MSP’s latest innovation – the first product on the market to automate the probe insertion and calibration process.

Such was the innovative nature of their products that one of their first commissions was for BAE Systems on their Eurofighter Typhoon program. They saved the company for £20m over five years.

Always striving to be the most innovative in their field, MSP has introduced a new product, the first for the production market in 2021.

AutoClock is the first product to automate the probe setup and calibration process, eliminating errors at this stage of the manufacturing process.

Originally based in Alnwick, MSP, which is now based at Greensfield Court, is an aerospace, defense motor sports and navigation; It has achieved success in a number of businesses, winning clients including BAE Systems and major Formula 1 teams.

Tony said: “When we first created MSP, we didn’t think we could save BAE Systems £20m over the life of the Eurofighter programme, or save a top F1 team 9.5 hours for each set-up time. Part of it has been done.”

“We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and want to thank our team, past and present, for helping us get this far and continue our mission to eliminate error.”

Throughout its history, the company has been involved in a number of initiatives to promote STEM subjects across the Northeast to encourage young people to pursue a career in manufacturing and/or STEM subjects.

This includes students from the Duchess’s Community High School through the company’s bursary scheme; This includes support through industry cadet programs or Greenpower car competitions.

They have also recently worked with Newcastle College to develop a new Engineering with Applied Digital Technologies Foundation Degree. The revolutionary course is designed to equip its participants with the practical skills needed to join the industry and create the next generation of digitally enabled engineers.

MSP is an affiliate of Renishaw, the world’s leading engineering and scientific technology company.


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