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Alpha heater was a name I heard often after my cousin Daniel got a unit and wanted everyone in the family to order their own for the winter. I, for one, didn’t think much of it because the cold wasn’t that bad until it was. I volunteered to try out the Alpha heater since electricity bills these days are no joke, and running my old heater was consuming too much energy. I had to cut costs.

This is an independent review of the Alpha heater for each part of the device. As a customer, I can tell you whether or not to buy from the pros and cons and my personal experience. Are you in the United States or Canada and wondering if the Alpha heater is a scam? This review will help you find out. Let’s go!


Alpha Heater Reviews
The Alpha Heater is a portable, practical, compact plug-and-play heater to keep your rooms, offices, and spaces warm and comfortable. One of the advantages of the device is that you can plug it into a socket and it starts working without taking up space with large parts. Also, it’s not a permanent fixture, so you can use it in the library, bedroom, home office, and anywhere you have a power outlet. Americans are looking everywhere for ways to cut down on energy costs, so a less expensive and more efficient heater is needed in every household.

In short, the Alpha heater is an affordable portable heater that keeps rooms and spaces warm all winter long without costing an arm and a leg and using very little energy. It also contains protective properties that help prevent overheating, melting, and explosion. We will discuss this in the following sections.
Alpha Heater Specifications

To see something being followed, bought, and presented differently is a slap in the face and a joke to one’s intelligence. I’ve always been skeptical about buying things I’ve seen on Facebook and Instagram, so if my good cousin hadn’t witnessed it for me, I’d have passed on the Alpha heater or had false hopes. Here are the full specifications/features of this device so you know what you are buying.

Alpha Heater is Portable: It’s not called a handy heater for nothing, because you can carry the device with one hand. It measures 4.3″ x 2.8″ x 6.5″ and can be easily moved, pocketed, and taken anywhere you want. little boy.

Lightweight: Yes, there are some portable products that weigh a ton, but they may not be enough to make a practical heater with a walkable design. In this way, the Alpha heater is lightweight because it is portable for easy portability.

Remotely controlled: I remember my portable air conditioner and how I would, from a short distance away, turn it on and off and adjust the speed. Well, it’s the same as the Alpha heater. The device comes with a remote control and an instruction manual. Battery-powered and available in white and black, you can use the Alpha remote control to turn the device ON/OFF, set timers, and control the temperature.

Low Noise Level: My alpha heater makes a noise. It works well but in low-lying areas. It doesn’t bother me that I want to turn it off, but the device won’t talk. I don’t get distracted while working on my computer, at least.

Low Power Consumption: By avoiding using high-voltage and energy-intensive appliances, you’ll save money in the long run. The heater uses less energy (which is good for your energy bills) compared to more complicated home heaters.

500 Watts Power: I saw a YouTube video on the heater a few weeks ago, and the corny dude said the unit was 1,200 watts. That is a false, dishonest claim. As clearly written on the package, the heater has a power of 500 Watts. So, don’t expect it to work as well as a 3,000 watt heater.

PTC Ceramic Technology: This is one of his modern products. During research, I learned that ceramic heating is safe and very effective in generating heat and transferring it, reducing the risk of melting and turning on the heater.

Where to Buy an Alpha Heater
Before buying anything online, you should be careful. More and more scam websites these days have a full original image. Therefore, make sure you visit the official website of Alpha heater (links in this review) to avoid theft and save your card details and use by your friends.

The manufacturers of Alpha heaters have an online store on the official website and warn against buying from third-party sellers like Amazon. Walmart, etc., as there may be opportunities for fake sales and knock-offs that may not work. Here are the recommended prices for the Alpha heater:

• 1 unit – $49.95
• 2 units – $89.91
• 3 units – $119.88
• 4 – $139.86
• 5 – $149.85


From the purchase of 1 unit to 5 units, there is a discount of up to 70%. Added to these prices is a shipping and handling (S&H) fee of $9.95 for expedited shipping within 5 business days. Also, your payment is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee (to be explained later) and protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.

How to Use (Directions)
I didn’t think there would be any need to explain how to use the Alpha heater as the instruction manual will guide you, and the process is straightforward, but here is how to start your heater:
• Find an outlet, preferably one that children or pets cannot easily reach.
• Plug the Alpha heater into the wall socket and turn the main switch (found on the right corner of the device) to “YAN”.
• Now, on the burner, next to the display, there is a power button. Press (You can also use the power button on the remote control).
• Set your desired temperature
• Set up a calculator if you want
• That’s it. Your room will soon start to heat up.

Safety Instructions
Electric shocks, burns, and explosions are risks associated with home heaters, so taking precautions is important. Here are the ones I follow:
1. I keep the heater away from liquids even when not in use, as it can be stored inside the device.
2. The heater is kept away from children in the house and my pets.
3. Although the safety features are tried and tested, I do not use the heater while sleeping.
4. Avoid touching the heat source to avoid burns.
5. Do not put heavy things on it.
6. Handle and carry it carefully
7. Use a compatible socket.

Pros and cons
Alpha heater reviews of consumer reports would not be complete without the positives and negatives from personal use and experience. Here they are, starting with goodness.

• Tip-Over and Overheating Safety: One can never be too careful around heaters in the home, especially with family, children, and/or pets. Neglected air heaters are the leading cause of fatal accidents in the United States and Canada. The Alpha heater tip-over and overheat protection works in such a way that the heater will turn itself off when it passes a certain temperature to prevent overheating.
• Timer: See the timer as a countdown timer for the heater to turn on. Need a few minutes before bed? You can set a timer, and once it reaches 00:00, the device will turn off automatically.
• It’s affordable: The unit price ($49.95), makes the Alpha heater one of the best personal space heaters under $50, and when measured against its features, it’s clear that this one is a steal.
• Personal Space Heating: I use one unit to heat my room, and the official website says it is suitable for up to 350 square feet. You can order more units at a lower cost if you have more space.
• Works Fast: The ceramic heating technology makes the room warm, more beautiful because of the cold.
• Made in the USA: The Alpha heater is manufactured in the USA under approved testing and high standards. Shipments are also shipped from warehouses across the country for faster delivery.
• 30-Day Money Back Guarantee: After receiving your order, if you are not satisfied with the product’s performance within 30 days of use, you will receive a full refund upon request. Although to enjoy this feature, you must have purchased the device directly from the official website. The warranty does not apply to purchases made elsewhere (eBay, Facebook marketplace. etc.).

• There is no power cord or port, so the heater must be plugged into a socket.
• There is a $9.95 UPS Ground shipping fee. The alpha heater does not have a free shipping package.
• In some cases, it is not firmly attached, because the weight can knock it down. You have to find a way to help you.
• Alpha heater CAN be purchased online and from official websites.
• One room cannot adequately heat a large room.

Alpha Heater Scam Complaints
Fraudulent complaints about the Alpha heater are people who have been misled about the product, its features, and what it does, and they use it and get frustrated. Others are people who buy from fake websites. After reading this review, you can’t go wrong with your purchase.

Alpha Heater at Amazon and Home Depot
Shopping on Amazon or finding a heater at a retail store (Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.) near you may seem easy, but there is a reason why the company ONLY sells directly to customers on the official website. One is to offer the best prices, as some are resellers and will sell to you for a profit. Also, protect you from scammers who will not send anything to you.

Alpha Heater reviews on BBB and Trustpilot
Trustpilot and BBB are popular for providing customer reviews and testimonials. In the case of the Alpha heater, there are no responses on these platforms at the time of writing this independent review. Great reviews and consumer reports, like this one, so you probably have everything you need right now.

Finally on Alpha Heater Reviews by Consumer Reports
The Alpha grill has a 4.80 out of 5.0 review, and it’s clear why. A portable heater is perfect for your space and ensures comfort and peace for all. It’s easy to use at home, in the office, and anywhere.


With safety features, the latest PTC ceramic technology, thermal protection, and being affordable with a 30-day money back guarantee, the heater will keep you warm on cold days and nights.


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