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Watch this video to see how Anil Pradhan’s innovative school in rural Odisha is helping hundreds of children solve ‘real life problems’ through science and technology.

The Indian education system is often criticized for its textbook-oriented learning. But the 26-year-old from Odisha is trying to break out of that box through his school for children of Baral village in Odisha, which aims to “solve real-life problems”.

He is the son of Anil Pradhan, a civil engineer and a tailor CRPF jawan.

He noticed his inclination to technology and innovation in his childhood. When he went to college, he made a satellite and built a robot. After completing his studies, he decided to open a school in his family’s land.

The International School of Rural Innovation started with very few students due to the way it works. According to Anil, parents are not interested in sending their children to a school where crafts and experiments are conducted rather than textbooks.

But now there are more than 250 students here, without exams, but learning new things every day. The school is now affiliated to the Odisha State Board and has 16 teachers or volunteers who are college graduates or final year students.

“I was born in Mouza 42 and left this area to get a better education. But I don’t want people to move to cities to get proper education. They should have this facility at home, especially underprivileged students. I also noticed that the regular school curriculum was overwhelming for the students. Such a system does not produce creative, innovative students who can find solutions for society. “I opened this school to solve these problems,” he said.

Watch how the “real-life” Rancho creates a different school than usual:

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