Announcing the 2022 USA Collegiate Rapid and Blitz Championships | So Good News

[ad_1] is excited to announce that we will host the 2022 US Collegiate Rapid and Blitz Championship. The speed championship will be held November 13 and the blitz championship continues November 20.

Registration is ongoing and will continue until then 9pm Pacific/12am Eastern the day before each event. The games begin 9 am Pacific/12 o’clock Eastern. Games will be ranked by USCF online.

Established in 2019, the event has quickly become one of the premier college tournaments in the country. Last year’s individual champions were GM Jose Martinez in rapid and GM Grigory Oparin in blitz.

Grigory Oparin
Oparin, 2021 US Collegiate Blitz Champion. Photo: Maria Emelyanova/

Among those crowned this year, 2022:

  • US Collegiate Rapid Champion,
  • US Women’s Collegiate Rapid Champion,
  • USA College Blitz Champion,
  • US Women’s Collegiate Blitz Champion.

Additionally, each institution’s top four individual finishes count toward the team championship, and the top three individual finishers in each event are also recognized, as are players below certain USCF ranking thresholds. Last year’s team champions were Webster University in rapid and University of Texas-Dallas in blitz.

Webster University
Webster Campus in 2007. Photo: Matthew Black/Wikimedia, CC.

The Rapid competition is a nine-round Swiss tournament with 10+5 time controls, while the Blitz competition is a 12-round Swiss tournament with 3+2 time controls.

Register here; it is free! Note that a .edu email address is required.

This November, new champions will be crowned with the 2023 Pan American Intercollegiate Championship in January and the Collegiate Chess League’s 2023 spring season.


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