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Since NASA set foot on the moon—leaving behind bootprints, hard flags, and Snickers wrappers (the moon will need cleaning services soon)—it’s the most advanced version of

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Technology has been commercialized for terra firma pedestrians, with innovations such as orange juice (Tang), the Corning Bowl, and the Michelin Man (actually, a happy-faced astronaut).

Now, a clothing company is using NASA spacesuit technology to make women’s clothing for husbands’ worst fear: their wives’ hot flashes. (I might get bombed for walking into this minefield of terror.)

Run-for-the-Hills Clothing (name changed to protect the innocent) combines high-tech fabric (wo) designed to keep astronauts comfortable inside their spacesuits into clothing that ventilates the effects of menopause. (How a lady can get around the house in a spacesuit is beyond me.)

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According to space travel and “that time of the month” experts, body temperature regulation is an absolute necessity to manage emergencies (like heat flashes at home).

So, the same materials that keep astronauts from exploding in space are now being used in clothes to regulate metaphorical radiators for the fairer sex, reports Popular Mechanics (a Bell Media company.) It’s a well-known fact that women have higher temperatures. more sensitive than their husbands. A woman is like the outside of a thermos – if it’s cold outside, it’s cold inside, and if it’s hot outside, it’s hot inside. In our house, the AC is turned on from March and the heat is turned up from September; that’s why I wear a sweater in the summer and go naked in the winter. (Good luck trying to erase that last image from your cortex.)

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According to the aforementioned clothing company, their new “freezing in the heat” line is suitable for any environment, from the office to the gym to Mars.

How does fabric work, you may ask (but I doubt it)? Instead of absorbing sweat (ladies, not husbands), clothing keeps your body temperature stable and stops sweat (I mean sweat, but that’s a really bad word) before it starts.

Of course, the next step is to develop brand names such as No Sweat, Tricky Wicky, Safe Zone and Radiator Gladiator. (This space is reserved for your stupid suggestion.)

The fun part will be the slogans. My 2 cents (if pennies ever come back) is this:

– “Happy woman, happy life.”

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– “Men, don’t take a break when your lover is windy” (What does that mean?)

– “Dialing 911 is a thing of the past.”

Antiperspirant wipes can end up in many products, such as replacing deodorant hand pads (Apps) and making other items such as odor eaters obsolete.

Still, could a space suit for lizards/men be far behind? ? (Thursday at our house. I think.)

There are practical uses for men’s air-conditioned clothing, such as keeping them cool when the much-anticipated men’s sporting event suddenly experiences a power outage, or when you feel like you’ve run out of beer after hours. (You know, the important stuff.)

When the t-shirt and socks become history, one wonders if NASA has any unexplored discoveries.

(I’m three words short, so…) Another day

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