APTA says nearly all North American transit agencies are facing worker shortages | So Good News


Written by David C. Lester, Editor-in-Chief

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Worker shortages have affected nearly every sector of the North American economy over the past year, and the American Public Transportation Association recently released a study showing that the transit industry is no exception.

The study reports that about 96% of transit agencies have been affected to some degree, while the majority of these have been affected to the point that they have difficulty maintaining regular service.

APTA says the worker shortage is “widespread and severe” and is a problem for transit agencies of all sizes. In the long term, APTA says the agencies must focus on workforce development. In the short term, APTA says the focus should be on workforce development, maintaining high standards for worker safety, creating a positive work environment, increased compensation and improved work schedules when possible.

Paul Skoutelas, APTA’s President and CEO, said “This shortage is complex, multifaceted and linked to changes in the broader culture and economy. [The shortage] is the confluence of several factors and a successful response to it will involve a comprehensive approach.”

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