Barry Callebaut redesigns chocolate production methods. | So Good News


Barry Callebaut Cultivating; Fermentation and cocoa bean roasting redesigned. “The Second Generation of Chocolate” is ‘Cocoa First’. Sugar last’ said.

“The second generation of chocolate perfectly reflects changing consumer preferences and consumer desires. It will inspire brands and artisans to create their next generation of chocolate creations and prove our leadership in shaping the future of chocolate,” said Peter Boone, CEO of Barry Callebaut Group.

The unique flavor characteristics of cocoa beans cultivated during cultivation and awakened during the fermentation and roasting process are fundamental to the new chocolate.

Barry Callebaut has redesigned chocolate making through what he calls the Cocoa Cultivation & Craft Principle (CCC), recognizing the special qualities of each cocoa bean and alleviating the diversity of flavors. With efforts that began in the early 2000s; Barry Callebaut, Germany; New insights have been gained from a long-term research program in collaboration with Jacobs University Bremen. Advanced detection techniques combined with new sensing methods will enable the identification of unique characteristics in cocoa beans.


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