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Today’s Podcast is produced and brought to you by the editors of and Industrial Equipment News (IEN). In each episode, We discuss the five biggest stories in manufacturing and the impact they have on the industry moving forward. This week:

DeLorean’s daughter to build new model in Detroit

This week, DeLorean Next Generation, which is not the Delorean Motor Company, announced plans to build its Model-JZD, representing John Zachary DeLorean, in Detroit.

OSHA Proposes Tougher Penalties After 7th Worker Is Seriously Injured.

Based in Ohio, NOX US makes luxury vinyl flooring, but the company has no track record when it comes to workplace injuries.

The Flying Car can drive on roads, land and drive vertically on the ground.

Alef Aeronautics recently introduced the Alef “Model A,” a flying car with street driving and vertical takeoff.

Suspension bridge collapse in India kills at least 133

Army teams are searching for people missing after a 143-year-old suspension bridge collapsed into a river in western India on Monday.

Owners restore EDM company nearly 10 years after sale.

Ed and Tanya Beaumont started Beaumont Machine 30 years ago in Cincinnati.

In case you missed it

Hunting for deep-sea minerals draws scrutiny.

Rising demand for precious metals is driving mining to explore the world’s deepest oceans, extracting minerals from vital ecosystems and causing irreparable damage, scientists say.

Pay transparency laws aim to combat the pay gap.

Starting this week, New York City job seekers will have access to a key element of how much money they can expect to earn for running an ad.

Stellantis caters to US workers age 55+.

The automaker plans to go soft and offer voluntary buyouts to 13,000 U.S.-based workers.

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