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Belleville-born Nancy Post translated a degree in chemical science into an impressive career in the food sector. As she colorfully describes it, her expertise in all aspects is “from soup to nuts.” Her professional food sector journey includes product development; A full-service consultant in process development and food safety; It culminated in starting his own consulting business as the president of NP Tech Enterprises.

“I have been in the food industry for over 35 years. In part, I wanted to do this for myself as opposed to working in a department, but mostly because I believe it will advance my life as a Christian. He cares about people. In my own small town of Belleville, I grew up in a church where I was an organist. I do a lot of volunteer work and love helping local small business owners, especially young start-ups. Food has a special ability to bring people together.”

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Part of her CV reads like a huge menu.

Nestles Enterprises (Belleville); Stauffer Products and Lean Cuisine: Department of Food Safety and Quality Assurance; Promoted to product development: “I had puppies running around telling me your temperature wasn’t right,” she says with a laugh.

Magic Pantry Foods: R and D

Breyers: ice cream and frozen novelty; R&D

Malabar Super Spices: Technical leadership and custom designed spice blends for customers; Managing R&D and quality assurance.

Otter Valley Foods, Ltd: Manufacturer of frozen entrees from lasagna to microwaveable sandwiches and sauces.

Unilever: Creates new soups and seasoning mixes in the Foodservice technology group.

Bos Smoked Fish: Quality Guaranteed.

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Dawn Food Products: R&D project for ice cream varieties; Leading food groups including bases and various fruit supplements.

Cadbury – R&D Project Leader.

Omnisweet Canada: Chocolate and couverture base ingredients for the baking and ice cream industry; Technical support of supplements and ingredients.

GS Dunn – Director of Technical Services for the world’s largest supplier of mustard mills.

Food Development Center in Winnipeg: Business Support.

“I’m passionate about product development because it balances the creative elements with the scientific skills required for this type of work. It encompasses recipe development and commercialization; It’s a lovely large, It helps scale up the production of steel products into hundreds of millions of dollars or into a large-scale operation as a regional innovation kitchen.”

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Post is invaluable in everything from basic GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) to writing food safety programs and getting people certified for what’s current.

Strong standards required by the government. She also does upgrades and setups. She tells a story about a Brighton blackberry farmer who wanted to start a jam company:

“The gentleman asked me to come in and see his recipe in action. So I first reviewed the rules. Jam has a standard for marking this up; So it takes a certain level of fruit and a certain physicality to call it blackberry jam. Some physical requirements need to be balanced with simple fruit level, such as pH and soluble solids. The government has a high standard. Then he didn’t want to do it, so I told him we needed to rebrand it and called it a flavor spread – something that wasn’t standard.

Another aspect of Post is often technical trading. With a client in England launching in North America, she was able to conduct several regulatory reviews as part of development and liaised with key clients in the food sector.


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