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Boeing will participate in Insider's Advanced Manufacturing Conference.

Insider James Needham, Boeing Sheffield’s senior manufacturing leader, can confirm he is the latest expert to join the speaker line-up for the Centers of Excellence: Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Conference.

Needham oversaw Boeing’s partnership with the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (AMRC), which allowed R&D in the aerospace sector to accelerate alongside manufacturing operations. He is also a non-executive director of Sheffield Chamber of Commerce.

He will be taking part in a Q&A with Needham at Mowbray, Sheffield on Wednesday 30th November. Insider That concludes the first panel session on Accelerating Automation. This will be followed by panels on Creating Clusters and Enabling Excellence, as well as a second Q&A with master cutler Dame Julie Kenny.

Discussing his participation in the event, Needham said: “Boeing has a long and proud history in South Yorkshire, AMRC was established with the University of Sheffield in 2001 and the first Boeing plant in Europe was opened here four years ago.

“Boeing is part of a thriving manufacturing and innovation ecosystem in the region, supporting significant manufacturing and apprenticeships in the region, and we look forward to attending this conference to share the benefits of local expertise within our supply chain.”

Other confirmed speakers included Dr Harry Burroughs from the Integrated Manufacturing Group at the University of Sheffield AMRC; Chris Iveson, CEO of FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics; Ava Jones, Head of Marketing at AESSEAL; Cliff Brereton, CEO of Datahone; Gordon Macrae, Special Projects Manager at Gripple; Keith Jackson, CEO of Brandon Medical; Simon Pollard, Production Director at Portakabin; Director Mark Atkins – Business Support from Sewtec Automation; Will Scales, Director of Investments at LDC; Oliver North, CEO of Venari Group; Ed Norris, director at Commercial Property Partners; Nick Allman, Chief Operating Officer of Hybrid Air Vehicles;

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