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I manage a warehouse and I am trying to help an 80 year old VP in his dealings with British Gas, as he is struggling after the death of his husband.

Although the company was notified of the death in March, it appears that its bills are still being sent by email account, which they cannot access.

He does not use the internet, and has asked to pay for the papers, but nothing has happened. I called the dead team but they couldn’t help as it said it was a British Gas Evolve account. I couldn’t find a contact for Evolve. I’ve emailed everyone I can think of, followed by sending hard copies to his complaints department, still no response.

This has scared him because, even though I assured him that he is paying the bills directly, because he can’t follow the usage he is afraid of being cut off.

I can’t even convince him to get £400 of government energy savings this winter.
Box Hill, Surrey

Another complaint about bad customer service from a major energy supplier.

The VP’s position may have been disrupted by the closure of Evolve, which was a short-lived online brand run as a separate business by British Gas’s owner, Centrica.

When it closed, all Evolve accounts became known to British Gas but without finding her husband’s emails there were no papers.

When we chased it, Centrica contacted the VP and said that it had changed the information on his account: “We have read his meters again and arranged to send him the documents, as he requested.”

The VP’s request was simple and the uncertainty surrounding his account added unnecessary stress to an already frustrated situation. Companies should do better on this.

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