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Viral Video: Broken Rail Station Faucet Gives Passengers Uninvited Showers, Internet Calls It 'Auto Cleaning System'

The place and time of the incident is not yet known.

A hilarious video from a railway platform where a broken water tap offered ‘free shower’ to passengers is going viral on social media. The short clip was shared by a Twitter user named Abhy on Wednesday. It showed a broken water fountain spewing water at an approaching train, soaking the passengers inside.

“Indian railways at your service,” read the text of the post, which garnered over 1.1 million views and more than 26,000 likes.

Watch the video below:

In the 30-second footage, water can be seen gushing out of the broken faucet at full force like a cannon. Moments later, as the camera panned towards an incoming train, passengers standing near the door of the passing local train were seen getting startled and rushing inside to avoid getting drenched.

The funny part in the clip, which also made several netizens chuckle, was that the passengers on the train were unable to escape the wrath of the broken crane. If one goes past ER (Eastern Railways) written on the train, this could be any station in West Bengal.

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In the comments section, netizens sarcastically praised the “special service” provided by Indian Railways. One user jokingly said, “Even railways know that many people haven’t taken a bath in the morning. That’s why it helps”. Another wrote: “It’s an automatic cleaning system”.

A third commented, “That system is AI enabled, AI detects thirsty passengers and makes the water available directly through the window. It is fed directly to the mouth so it is not contaminated by human touch. High tech technology!!” A fourth added, “car cleaning services for trains”.

The time and date when this incident took place is not yet known.

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