Canada’s manufacturing trade fell 2% in August. | So Good News


Canada’s manufacturing trade fell 2 percent to $70.4 billion in August, driven by oil and coal.

Canadian statistics show lower prices and lower sales.

August marked the fourth consecutive month of decline in manufacturing output in Canada.

The latest decline was the result of oil and coal sales falling 3.9 percent to $9.9 billion.
Chemical manufacturing sales fell 4.5 percent to $5.6 billion in August.

in all It indicates that Canadian manufacturing sales fell 1.7% in August.
The amount of products sold is small.

In a separate report; Statistics Canada said wholesale sales rose 1.4% in August.
It reached a record high of $81.3 billion.

Wholesale sales gains were led by the general merchandise sector, which rose 3.9 percent.
$12.8 billion and the agricultural supply business gained 13.2% to $5.2 billion.


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