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Carolina Worrell, Senior Editor

Transport Minister Omar Alghabra

Transport Minister Omar Alghabra

Transport Canada announced on October 6 that Minister Omar Alghabra is reviewing “with great interest” the recently released National Supply Chain Task Force’s final report, which focuses on “action areas, collaboration and transformation” and will help create a national Supply Chain Strategy for the country.

The Task Force, tasked with examining solutions to address Canada’s transportation supply chain challenges, was established earlier this year by Alghabra following the global COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Transport Canada, the Task Force “consulted extensively to gain a wide range of stakeholder perspectives on priority areas for short- and long-term actions to reduce congestion, improve reliability and build resilience in Canada’s transportation supply chain.”

A total of 21 measures are recommended in the final report, including:

  • Relieve congestion in the port.
  • Manage labor shortages and retain employees.
  • Establish a federal supply chain office to unify relevant federal government activities.
  • Protects corridors, border crossings and gates against disturbances.
  • Develop a national transport supply chain strategy.
  • Engage the United States and the provinces and territories to achieve mutual recognition of regulations, policies and processes.

Going forward, the Government of Canada will develop a national supply chain strategy that will be informed by the recommendations included in the Task Force’s final report.

“Strengthening our transportation supply chain in collaboration with our provincial and territorial partners is part of the Government of Canada’s strategy to respond to the rising cost of living and to put money back in the pockets of Canadians,” says Transport Canada. “An efficient and resilient transportation supply chain is key to expanding Canada’s economic capacity and productivity and will drive long-term growth. The Government of Canada will continue to support Canadians through infrastructure investments and growth strategies.”

“Ensuring Canadians receive essential goods has been a top priority for our government,” Alghabra said. “Over the past few months, I have met with a number of supply chain partners and discussed challenges and strategies for public-private sector collaboration to find innovative solutions to ease congestion throughout our supply chain. We continue our work to find answers to ensure that Canada’s supply chain remains efficient and reliable. I also want to thank the National Supply Chain Task Force for its efforts over the past few months. The Task Force’s final report will prove invaluable as Canada develops its national supply chain strategy.”



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