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Celebrate Manufacturing Day and highlight job opportunities.
Celebrate Manufacturing Day and highlight job opportunities.

The first Friday of every October is Production Day, and this year, October 7 Due in 2022. To show the modern manufacturing model and students, parents The day is both a demonstration that provides field opportunities to teachers and community leaders. Industry 4.0 is robots, data analysis; New technologies continue to be developed, opening doors to new career opportunities in bioengineering and beyond.

The Manufacturing Institute was founded in 2012 with the International Association of Garment Manufacturers and the Association of Manufacturers in an effort to change the public’s view of modern manufacturing. Today, The Manufacturing Institute is hosting Manufacturing Day and asking manufacturing companies to help highlight career paths in the manufacturing industry. With labor shortages in mind, championing the manufacturing industry is more important than ever. for example, Deloitte projects the U.S. will lose at least two million manufacturing jobs. It will cost the economy more than $3 trillion.

Manufacturing companies have created a variety of ways to celebrate the holiday. CNC Software, LLC, developer of CAD/CAM software Mastercam, Connecticut; Students interested in participating in the production are invited to attend his event on Oct. 7 at his facility in Tolland. A panel of representatives from departments within the company shared their roles and answered questions from attendees. Attendees will also see a demonstration showing how to create a part within Mastercam.

NextFlex, one of nine manufacturing innovation institutes established by the DoD Manufacturing Technology Program, will host a free Manufacturing Day event for high school students on October 7 in San Jose, California. Attendees will have a tour of the factory, lecture, along with technicians; Industry 4.0 is aerospace, automobile, Hear about how healthcare and energy are changing. Learn more about the event and register on the company website.

ABB to recognize Manufacturing Day on October 5 A “Community Open House” is scheduled for Wednesday at 4 p.m. Attendees included Fort Smith; Arkansas, You can expect to visit the factory. Meet the staff. Learn about manufacturing at 21.The column century. ABB welcomes 5 guests.th class and above. Food and drinks will be provided.

Click here to find an event near you. Or learn more about hosting an event.

If your company is celebrating Manufacturing Day, post about it on social media with the hashtag #MFGDay22. If you tag @automation_com on Twitter; Automation.com will repost your post. or, To recognize the holiday, post something your company did on or after the day of production. See more ways to market a Manufacturing Day event.

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