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Mumbai: Central Railways launches innovative automatic seat covers on western-style toilets at CSMT station | Archive photo

Mumbai: Central Railway’s unique contribution in the Swachha Bharat campaign in public toilets where Western Commode seats are there, most people do not lift the seat cover before urinating, making it unhygienic for other people to use. Shri Rajnish Kumar Goyal, Divisional Railway Manager, Mumbai Division, instrumental in developing the new concept, the first of its kind, “automatic seat cover” to overcome this problem.

An automatic seat cover has been created that works mechanically (not electrically). This spring keeps the seat cover always in its “raised up” position. When a person wants to use the toilet, he can easily push down when it has to be used only for toilet purposes. It will remain in the down position as long as a person uses it, otherwise it will automatically lift up to the up and normal position back. The arrangement is made using a pair of springs for auto lift, an aluminum base plate for mounting and a pair of bolts.

“Automatic seat cover” is available in public toilets at CSMT suburban and main line. Passengers are welcome to share their experiences. This automatic seat cover will gradually be installed in public toilets at other railway stations in the Mumbai division.

The hygiene of the stations and the surrounding public toilets is a concern that had to be looked at. Therefore, such progressive steps taken by Central Railways to bring a good change at the stations are considered to be commendable.

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