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It’s not the super grandmasters who get pissed off by people who cheat on the internet, every single one of us play online and no matter how hard we struggle, no matter how hard we lose the game, we don’t cheat.

Those of us who are honest and eager to learn in proper fashion only use the chess engine after our games to better understand where we went wrong and the pickle we’re in. I believe Steven Moss, who admitted to using a chess engine for the first 15 moves in online games, might try this (Confessions of a Serial Chess Cheat: Carlsen vs. Niemann, Oct. 8).

Whether you’re playing every move the engine offers or one move per game, it’s all treated as the same thing by the chess community. This is why the Carlsen-Niemann affair is so heated that the debate over whether Hans Niemann should be allowed to play in tournaments is so heated.

You can’t justify cheating online because it’s not the same as cheating over the board. People like Moss, unrepentant and persistent criminals, are ruining the game for all of us.
Martha Leah
St Leonards on the Sea, East Sussex

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