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Two of the best footballers in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, took to their Instagram pages to share the campaign of the Louis Vuitton fashion house online.

The photo, which has had 39 million likes (and counting), shows the pair playing chess and preparing the “last dance” for rival teams at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Messi (Argentina) and Ronaldo (Portugal) were captured by famous photographer Annie Leibovitz with the caption “Winning is a state of mind”.

It was announced on social media at the first whistle of the World Cup on November 21 to an incredible reception from millions of fans. As of Thursday afternoon (AEDT), it was the second most liked photo in Instagram history.

Interestingly, the pair never met for a Louis Vuitton ad. Euronews A behind-the-scenes video shared by the fashion house revealed that “the photo was actually photoshopped and the two sports giants were never in the same room.”

It is not important.

Portuguese forward Ronaldo, who has 502 million followers on Instagram, posted a photo on his Instagram earlier this week and it immediately went viral.

‘Genius’: Only fans get the secret details

As the photo spreads, dedicated fans are noticing various details.

Sportbible The checkered Louis Vuitton briefcase with a checkerboard design was part of the 2018 World Cup in Russia and was a trophy that was “gifted to the opening and final teams,” it said.

“The fact that they’re playing chess with a briefcase that holds a World Cup really means a fight to cement their place as the greatest of all time.” Sportbible wrote.

Chess fans were also quick to point out the placement of pieces on the board, mimicking the classic match between Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura in 2017 in Norway.

“The most iconic match in chess finally ended in a draw between the two grandmasters, drawing parallels between the long-standing rivalry and the never-ending debate between Ronaldo and Messi as the two best players to ever play football.” Euronews wrote.

It was not a good start to the 2022 event for Messi.

He opened his fifth World Cup with a penalty in the 10th minute against Saudi Arabia. But Argentina suffered a shock loss to the Gulf nation – the tournament’s second-lowest-placed team – which could hurt the football titans.

Argentina will need to focus on beating Mexico and Poland in their next group games if they are to remain in the hunt for the only major football title Messi has shone in his career.

“Really? It’s dead. It’s a very hard blow because we didn’t expect to start like this,” Messi said of the shock defeat to Saudi Arabia.

Ronaldo, 37, has never been in a World Cup winning side – and if all goes to plan, he could face Messi in the 2022 final.

Ronaldo is preparing to play Ghana when Portugal open the World Cup on Friday (AEDT). “I want to be the player who beats Messi,” he said at a press conference this week, referring to a Louis Vuitton photo.

“It happened in a game of chess and in football it would be magic,” said a smiling Ronaldo.


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