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Posted on October 31, 2022 at 1:26 p.m

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[By: ClassNK]

Tokyo – ClassNK Company Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (JRC) approved innovations for cloud service products and solutions called J-Marine Cloud.

To promote the diffusion and development of innovative technologies, ClassNK has introduced the Innovation Approval Service as a rapid certification service in collaboration with technology leaders to establish appropriate evaluation criteria. Among the certification categories, “Products and Solutions” includes hardware and software technology installed for use on ships.

J-Marine Cloud uses a common platform to collect various types of information, including meteorological and oceanographic information and AIS information.
Various data such as voyage data, route plans and navigation equipment status are also collected on the common platform through JRC VDR (Voyage Data Recorder), J-Marine NeCST and other shipboard equipment. This data can be integrated to provide operational support solutions for vessel management and onshore fleet managers. J-Marine Cloud also provides various services to ships, such as meteorological and oceanographic information services and optimal route support services, to enhance decision-making capabilities on board ships.

ClassNK tested the functions of J-Marine Cloud, 1. Ship’s data communication service between the ship’s navigation equipment and the cloud, 2. Support service for onshore ship managers to carry out condition monitoring and disaster analysis with cloud data, 3. Support service for crews to communicate with onshore ship managers and provides auxiliary information about the ship’s operation, 4. Ship status notification service through smart devices, 5. Remote maintenance service to ensure the quality of ship’s navigation equipment through the cloud. engineers, and issued a certificate to the company.

ClassNK will continue to advance the approval of innovation for vessels, products and solutions and suppliers and is committed to supporting innovative technologies and initiatives.

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