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A North Texan, conducting a recall on some CPAP and BiPAP machines made by Philips Respironics, learned that the company says they are too old to be repaired.

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For years, Jackie Wright said she relied on a Philips Respironics CPAP to get her through the night.

Philips Respironics has announced a recall of some machines saying that the foam inside can be broken, swallowed or suffocated by the user and that the bad foam can be toxic or cause cancer. Wright said he registered his device in August 2021 and called several times last year to check on its status.

In October, he shared an update email from Philips. It explained older equipment, such as its System One machines, have outlived their warranty and useful life. The update said the System One 60 series was discontinued in the US in 2017 and could not be repaired or replaced.

It offered two options: return the old machine to read a $50 check or request a replacement device with current instructions.

“It was one year in August when I received the papers when I registered. If so, then why didn’t he say this at the time?” Wright asked.


Philips tells NBC 5 Responds, among other things, “One of the hardest things to remember has been making decisions about refurbishing older devices, like the System One.”

Since the equipment has run out, it has no way to fix it and has been working to find an alternative for patients.

Philips said consumers looking for a replacement device can choose that option by logging into the patient portal on the Philips website. A member of the Philips Respironics team then calls the patient to receive the medication through their doctor.

After NBC 5 Responds reached out to the company, Wright shared a follow-up email from Philips. It said that his case will be expedited.

Wright said his doctor prescribed a new medication. On November 7, he said a replacement device was delivered to his home.

Philips said it expects to repair or replace about 5.5 million devices worldwide as part of its recall.

According to a recent update on its website, Philips Respironics says it has produced 3.95 million replacement parts and repair kits. Two million have been shipped to the US

The company told NBC 5 Responds it expects to complete about 90 percent of the manufacturing and shipping required for the recall by the end of this year.

Here’s the latest information from the FDA on the recall, including a list of affected devices.

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