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US-based Corning said it is closely evaluating the possibility of manufacturing its wireless equipment such as small cells and distributed antenna systems in India, taking advantage of an incentive program offered by the government.

In an exclusive interview with ET’s Danish Khan, Gökhan Doran, Divisional Vice President and General Manager, Corning International, on the company’s vision for the Indian market; It shared its fiber manufacturing facility in Pune and more. Edited excerpt.

Tell us about the new research center in Gurgaon.

The wireless research center in Gurugram is an extension of our US facility. We have research facilities in Israel. And now it’s expanding those capabilities in India. The center will focus on software and systems engineering in the wireless space.

I chose India because of the real talent and opportunities that the region offers. The lab will focus on 5G, the next level of technology for wireless and ultra-fast communications, especially building networks like small cells and distributed antenna systems.

Do you plan to offer your products to telcos when they roll out 5G networks?

This is a very dynamic environment… we want to be prepared with the technologies that are ahead of us. Our equipment is fully developed by us. We have our own hardware and software to provide a complete package.

Do you have commercial arrangement with any Indian service providers?

Not in this area yet.

Are you dealing with them?

This is the first step. Here we want to start the resource center and the capabilities will leverage its capabilities and in the future. It will be able to adapt to the needs of the region.

India is a huge market and the large population already offers huge potential. We have our fiber manufacturing unit in Pune and are now expanding our presence in wireless technology.

I want to be prepared for what’s to come. We want to present our technology by combining the talents offered in this region and giving it back to the community.

Are there any plans to also set up a manufacturing unit for wireless products utilizing government incentives?

I’m a big fan of localization. Corning has its own visibility and studies; Available in any region. Therefore, We invest heavily in our research teams and teams to take care of the ability to do something locally. We are making plans. In some areas, We’re just getting started, and certainly in this area. We have a close eye on how the market is growing and where the opportunities are, and we can get involved directly ourselves or with partners to serve the community to serve customers.

We also see opportunities with partner companies if they match market expectations and match the financials.

How big is your telecom business globally?

It’s an emerging industry. An actual application has already been filed in the US. Now we started with this regional resource center. All the access and rights in the region with the authorities will open new doors for Corning.

How much investment is there in India for the center?

We started with a small team and have plans to grow in the future. As we evolve, the space is ready to accommodate more teams.

Any plans to expand the Pune unit?

Pune plays a very important role in serving all the customers worldwide. It also caters to Indian demand.

Do you see a fiberisation drive in India to grow your fiber business?

Absolutely! I don’t think India is alone in this global trend. I remember the many years when fiber became an alternative to copper networks; We’re explaining that in a copper network you might only have one lane on the highway, but with fiber you have multiple lanes flowing at the same time. And now 5G, With artificial intelligence and other technologies; There is a need for more bandwidth. Therefore, with fiber deployment, As these technologies emerge, these backbone networks will expand.

With 5G, India has bigger bandwidth opportunities. And I don’t want to miss this opportunity. So we are expanding our presence to cater to the right people.

How do you see India competing with local players?

Our products, With innovation and talent, we strive to always stay ahead of the competition. Corning will always bring new innovations and new technologies.

Are there challenges related to costs in fiber production?

Absolutely yes. I think we are not the only company facing these challenges globally. logistics, raw material price Availability and inflation have problems that do not support our mathematical structure. So we’re trying to offset that as much as we can, and we’re trying to be competitive. Still, We have to pass this on to our customers by increasing prices.


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