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Representatives from NBCC visited Craig Manufacturing on Friday morning, Nov. 25, to thank the three-generation family company for donating $100,000 to NBCC’s Going Beyond campaign.

NBCC will dedicate funds to modernize teaching facilities at the college. Education by Vice President Ann Drennan; He explained innovation and student affairs.

Drennan and Craig’s president of manufacturing, Ben Craig, shared the stage for the announcement in the center of the company’s manufacturing facility as employees looked on.

His company, a global manufacturer and distributor of fasteners for heavy-duty construction equipment, includes welding, mechanical engineer engineering A wide range of blue- and white-collar jobs are offered in finance and marketing, Craig said.

They noted that nearly one-third of Craig’s employees are NBCC graduates, and 60 percent are in supervisory roles.

“As a major employer of NBCC graduates, our colleagues at Craig Manufacturing know firsthand how important it is for students to have the opportunity to develop their skills in a modern and dynamic environment,” said Drennan. “Using tools, technologies, spaces and partnerships to innovate educational delivery that responds to the needs of students and employers is a key part of the Going Beyond movement.”

Craig said NBCC prepares students for the workforce from a technical and career perspective.

“We are delighted to be a part of the NBCC Going Beyond Campaign,” he said. “NBCC graduates are the core of our workforce and essential to every part of our business. We strongly believe that the education provided by NBCC is the key to unlocking our province’s future prosperity. We are proud to support NBCC in helping to develop the future of New Brunswick business and other leaders.”

In recognition of Craig Manufacturing’s gift, NBCC is naming three colleges after the company, the welding shop on the Woodstock Campus. the metalwork shop at the Trades Education Center in Saint John; Welding on the Moncton campus; Metal fabrication and CNC shops.

Craig Manufacturing is one of several industry partners to support NBCC’s Going Beyond campaign, and explained the new NBCC launch for Friday’s event.

The $16 million campaign charts a course for NBCC as follows.

— Fast, responsive to the needs of learners and employers. Accelerate skill development by creating flexible training opportunities.

— new tools; technologies; Innovate educational delivery through the use of venues and partnerships. versus

— Reach an unprecedented number of New Brunswickers by reducing barriers that prevent people from seeking training.

Drennan said NBCC’s relationship with industry is key to the college’s long-term success in providing skilled workers to meet the state’s workforce needs.

She explained that business leaders on program advisory committees directly impact the college system’s programs.

Drennan said NBCC is working with industry sectors to understand current and future needs.

She said the college is trying to reach out to middle and high school students through skills sessions, which she described as “important.”

“Students need to be excited,” Drennan said.

Craig agreed.

“We’ve made a really conscious effort to meet young people at school and try to get them to know about our business, and that’s why we’ve done a good job recruiting,” Craig said. “But despite our best efforts, there is still a lack of talent.”

A trade such as welding is no longer limited to just one gender, and he noticed that a woman was one of the best welders in his company.

“We have .about a dozen young female welders coming up through their system,” Craig said.

He said the company moved one of its skilled welders and her family from Hartland to the company’s Tennessee facility to take a leadership role in its welding program.

Craig Manufacturing, founded in 1946 by Ben Craig’s grandfather, maintains its home in Hartland. Ben’s father, John, attended Friday’s announcement as his successor as president.


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