Custom Made Mannequins: London Store Mannequins | So Good News


British fitness brand Gymshark recently made headlines for its new London mannequins, which are modeled after real Gymshark fans.

Gymshark’s new London flagship is an amazing space that includes a fitness studio, Joe and Juice cafe, and community space. But as impressive as the location is, it’s the London mannequins that are taking all the attention. That’s because each mannequin inside the new store is modeled after the body and movements of a real member of the Gymshark team. The mannequins were created using 3D printing, which helps capture the exact shape and size of each ambassador’s body. As Gymshark’s Chief Brand Officer, Noel Mack, explained in his statement, “Our mannequins are real people from our community or ambassador list. Representation is anything but easy, so we began a long process of drawing, analyzing, and finally 3D printing ensuring that everyone can see themselves at Gymshark London.”

Image Credit: Gymshark, adweek, hypebae


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