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Haridwar railway station seems to have become an easy target for anti-social elements as around a dozen closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance cameras installed in and around the station premises have been found defunct. Haridwar station, which comes under Moradabad railway division, sees thousands of people coming from all over the world and the station has around 90 cameras installed at various locations for surveillance.

“Of the 90 CCTV cameras, around a dozen are defunct. The cameras have been defunct for a long time and nothing was done by the railway authorities to repair them,” sources claimed. This is not the first time CCTV cameras are found defunct and there were many such cases in the past too, they added.

On 10 October 2022, a letter sent by ordinary post to the Haridwar railway station superintendent had claimed that an attack would be carried out on 25 and 27 October. Similarly, in May this year, Roorkee Railway Police received a letter threatening to blow up six railway stations including the one in Haridwar city, they pointed out.

Government Railway Police (GRP) Haridwar officials admitted the security breach and said it was a matter of apprehension and lack of security arrangements. They claimed that the matter was brought to the attention of station officials earlier, but nothing has been done so far to get the cameras working again.

“Some of the CCTV cameras installed at the Haridwar station are down. We have written to the station officials to check the faulty cameras and they will be made functional very soon,” said GRP SP Aruna Bharti. She added that the station sees a heavy footfall of people from all over the world and it is the railway’s responsibility to ensure the safety of the visitors to the station. (ANI)

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