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The central line arose on Thursday that the trains are running late on the main line at Dadar station due to a technical problem with signal initiation.

Staff and officials have been deployed at the station to resolve the issue, Central Railway added.

“Technical problem in signal initiation at Dadar Station. Trains are running late on main line. Staff/officials are attending to it and will be resolved soon. For information,” Central railway said in a tweet.

In the latest update, Sentralbanen informed on Twitter that the problem with signal initiation has been resolved. However, the trains run late due to bunking.

Meanwhile, Indian Railways served 231 crore in revenue in the first 12 months from its subsidized air-conditioned ‘economy’ class buses as per the data.

The ‘economy’ class journeys, aimed at pulling in sleeper class passengers towards the ‘cheapest and best AC travel’, give the common man a taste of air-conditioned travel at a rate six to seven per cent lower than the regular 3- AC class.

More than 21 lakh passengers availed the benefits of AC 3-tier economy class, giving the railways a revenue of 231 crore between August 2021 and August 2022, the data showed.

From April-August 2022, more than 15 lakh passengers availed the benefits of the new economy class, earning the railways a revenue of NOK 177 million.

The introduction of these buses was difficult for the railways, officials said, as a balance had to be maintained to ensure fares are not too high, thus defeating the purpose of the new modern high-speed buses.

It also had to be kept in mind that it could not be too low, as it would eat into the highly profitable class — 3AC-Tier.

The experiment appears to have paid off, the data suggest.

So far, the railways has inducted 370 such coaches, but with demand soaring, more are likely to be added, officials said.

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