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As organizations embrace the new digital economy, business leaders must support the people who enable them to create breakthrough innovations and become champions of digital transformation, said Anand Ganapathy, Business Vice President, Dell Technologies India. Dell Technologies Forum 2022 is over.

“Digital transformation happens with people, not with them. Defining how we put people at the forefront and front of innovation in organizations as we build for the future” said Ganapathy in his keynote address, “Delivering Breakthrough Innovation,” at the hybrid Dell Tech Forum event on August 25, 2022.

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Ensuring sustainable digital transformation and innovation for a better future can only be achieved by overcoming the myriad “human” barriers to change so organizations can make breakthroughs at the intersection of people and technology, added Ganapathy, sharing insights from Dell’s Breakthrough study, which was surveyed. More than 10,500 respondents from more than 40 countries.

“To deliver effective breakthrough innovation, organizations must take a three-pronged approach: providing employees with a stable and secure work experience so they can thrive wherever they work; free people to focus on what they do best and increase productivity by empowering people with the latest technologies; and creating an empathetic culture that sees people as the greatest source of innovation.” said Ganapathy.

With the theme ‘Unlocking the Limitless Possibilities of Innovation’, Dell’s flagship event showcased the next frontiers of innovation to ensure a better future for all. From a multi-cloud-as-a-service strategy to innovative and secure technologies that enable AI-powered decision-making, the event focused on the technologies that will define the future.

The event featured several interactive keynotes, celebrity talks by actor Anil Kapoor and former national cricket captain Sourav Ganguly, general sessions, technology-based sessions, CIO panel discussions and multiple breakout tracks focusing on emerging technology trends in areas such as security, futures. Work, multi-cloud as a service and modern data center and edge.

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The event also featured unique startup showcase initiatives such as the Startup Café for top 10 B2B startups to showcase next-generation technology solutions and the Dell Designathon – a 24-hour design competition themed “Design for Change” where startups participated with human-empowering designs. Progress around 3 themes – Sustainability, Inclusion and Accessibility. Backyard Creators, a Tamil Nadu-based company, has won the #1 spot with a cost-effective, first-ever commercially available non-surgical adhesive hearing aid that costs only 6% of the cost of a traditional hearing aid implant.

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Also emphasizing Dell’s sustainability goals, Ganapathy said, “For every machine you buy from us, we try to make sure one machine is recycled. For every machine you buy from us, we try to make sure that the packaging in every machine is recycled.”

Check out some of the other keynote sessions and tracks from the #DellTechForum event here.

  • Keynote by Dell’s Tian Beng Ng

Emphasizing the need for human-machine cooperation,
Tien Beng NgDell Technologies, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Japan Channels, Asia Pacific, said that putting people at the forefront will be critical to driving innovation.

He also highlighted the four main areas of innovation that Dell Technologies is focusing on: multi-cloud, hybrid operations, security, modern data center and edge.

“Data is really like water in today’s complex environment. If you think about it, what does it really take to live? Organizations need to process and analyze data to drive business growth, predict future trends, identify new business opportunities, and respond more quickly to market changes.” said Ng.

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Speaking about building the right security architecture, Ng said modern enterprise security must have three elements: First, it must have a trusted foundation, which means building a security ecosystem using a secure supply chain and having trusted partners; second, there should be a zero-trust approach, a security model where all devices, people, applications and data are authenticated and known; and, finally, there should be a cyber recovery plan.

  • Watch as India is poised to usher in breakthrough change

Anish Shah, President and CEO, Jio Platforms Ltd, and Anand Ganpathi, Vice President, Dell Technologies, India, participated in an interactive conversation and shared their insights in a panel discussion on how India is gearing up to drive dynamic transformation. How can entrepreneurs maintain the right balance between vision on the one hand and reality on the other, given the various challenges they face, including budget constraints.

Shah said that vision without execution and even planning to execute is an illusion.
“I’ve seen a lot of companies that start with a great vision, but they don’t have a plan to execute or they don’t have the ability to execute, where those visions are just vision statements,” he added.
“So you have to have vision, but you also have to know how to get out of your comfort zone, identify obstacles, see what it takes to make that vision a reality, and then start working towards it.” Shah added again.

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Additionally, Ganapathy said that this vision is not enough to make it a reality. It should be scalable and consumption-based. You need to be able to provide the user with what they want, when they want it, at the speed they want it.
“The aspects of how you implement that vision, the agility that comes, the flexibility that goes into the whole platform that you put together, I think are equally important.”

Additionally, he said the next level of innovation will come from insights that come from data.

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According to Pew Research, there are only 26 women CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Women are few and far between in leadership circles. To focus on this issue, a panel discussion on ‘Lessons from women in leadership on how to drive dynamic career growth’ was held with Falguni Desai, Head of Data Analytics, IDBI Bank. – IT, VFS Global, Indrani Chowdhury, Chief Learning Officer, Microsoft India and Nidhi Khola, CMD, Dell Technologies India.

Women leaders shared their journeys and discussed how women leaders can lead with influence, impact, passion and purpose. Citing reasons why we have fewer women leaders at the top, Choudhury, who hails from Microsoft India, points out that women don’t have the opportunity to take on very high-stakes projects or tasks. Often this happens because they have few influential sponsors, so women have to be a little more surgical in this aspect, strategizing and selecting sponsors.

  • A showcase of Dell Technologies offerings

Dell also showcased its various offerings to help simplify enterprise IT deployments and enable flexible cybersecurity infrastructure, along with state-of-the-art data center and EDGE development.

Some of the featured Dell offerings are: Dell APEX, server and data center cooling innovations, hybrid workplace with individual end-user solution, flexible payment solutions, software-based storage innovations, Dell APEX backup services, cyber-elastic multi-cloud data protection, VxRail innovations. , Dell PowerEdge and VMware cross-cloud services, etc.

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Dell Technologies also showcased digital life care, future workforce programs and sustainability initiatives and asset recovery services at the Security Social Impact and Sustainability booth.

If you missed the Dell Technologies forum, you can watch the on-demand video recordings here.


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