DXN’s $20M Edge Manufacturing Sales Decline. | So Good News


Shalini Lagrutta (DXN CEO)

Shalini Lagrutta (DXN CEO)

Credit: DXN

DXN is in early talks with other interested parties for its data center business, although the $20 million sale of its edge module manufacturing business unit to Flow2Edge Australia has fallen through.

In September The pre-fabricated modular data center specialist announced that it will sell all of its assets to FLOW for $20 million after amending a previous agreement to sell all of its assets for $26 million in August.

The September fix will leave DXN’s data center business behind.

now, DXN came out in a statement to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) to say it “cannot satisfy” the terms of the sale to FLOW.

“Therefore, the announced transaction will no longer proceed in its current form and the sale agreement will be terminated,” the statement said.


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