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  • Funds to support expansion, including continued AI-enhanced knowledge discovery platform, e[datascientist]™ and continued international expansion

  • The platform business aims to close the current “translation gap”, addressing critical barriers to industrial application of microbiome science – from soil, to plant, to farm, to fork, to human, animal and environmental health.

  • The round is led by abrdn plc, a consortium led by existing investors including Environmental Technology Fund and Granpool Innovative Investments.

Cambridge, England, October 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Eagle Genomics, a new business from TechBio’s network science platform1 in biology, announced today USD 20 million the first close of its large funding round. Investments e[datascientist]™ 2 platform and will continue to expand into global markets and deepen client exposure.

Eagle Genomics logo

Eagle Genomics logo

The round is led by abrdn plc, with ongoing participation from a consortium of investors led by existing investors Environmental Technologies Fund and Granpool Innovative Investments. The current funding round will remain open to the next round to allow for additional participation USD 10 million.

Eagle Genomics continues to mature and expand as a leading TechBio company pioneering the application of network science to biological discovery and innovation in the food and nutrition, AgBio, beauty and personal care and biopharma industries. e[datascientist] the platform enables enterprise customers to track digital journeys in data, drive transformative innovations, and leverage cutting-edge scientific discoveries. in silicon and supporting differentiated product requirements.

Eagle Genomics’ mission is to accelerate the bioeconomy through the digital reinvention of life sciences R&D, and the Company is increasingly focused on supporting its customers’ aspirations for sustainable and impact-driven innovation and One Health solutions for product outcomes. The One Health concept recognizes that the health of people, animals and the environment are inextricably linked, and that the use of technologies to address one area can inspire and enable progress in others. Addressing the One Health opportunity requires a focus on and deep understanding of the microbiome.3 and host-microbiome interactions as a common denominator in these domains.

Eagle Genomics is a leading platform business using next-generation graph technology and network science to drive the bioeconomy. The business problem the platform solves for its customers is to integrate their scientific data to support incremental innovation, such as understanding new key bioactive ingredients that provide health benefits, or targeting a specific health benefit and working backwards through the data. identify key ingredients. The technical challenge Eagle Genomics is addressing is bridging the “translation gap” so that scientific knowledge from diverse sources and research across fields can be used to deliver reliable, science-based product claims.

Unique innovative journeys that allow for differentiated products and product claims include:

Food and nutrition: Personal and functional nutrition; for example, energy balance, feed efficiency, growth rate, botanicals, food as medicine, precision fermentation, alternative proteins and ingredient design and differentiation.

Beauty and personal care: Individualized/stratified cosmetics; eg skin, oral, scalp, pre/pro/postbiotics, ingredient manufacturing, cosmeceuticals and genital health/personal care products.

AgBio: Biofertilizers, microbiome engineering, bioavailability, crops (yield enhancement, protection, fertility, productivity, climate adaptation/mitigation), soil management and smart agriculture.

BioPharma: Microbiome therapeutics, antimicrobial resistance, personalized/stratified medicine, gastrointestinal and infectious disease treatment, immuno-oncology/autoimmune disease and metabolic health.

Anthony FinbowCEO of Eagle Genomics:

“We are the leading platform business using next-generation graph technology and network science to advance the bioeconomy. We are committed to supporting our enterprise customers as they strive to achieve sustainable and impact-driven innovative results. Our current scale-up. Funding is driving the bioeconomy by digitally reinventing science. allows to accelerate”.

Alistair WatsonHead of Strategy Innovation – Private Equity, abrdn, said:

“We believe that Eagle Genomics is poised to support an increasing number of large enterprise customers by digitizing its R&D and product innovation activities. This investment will help expand Eagle Genomics’ reach by facilitating further penetration into global markets. It will also play an important role in the development of the bioeconomy. , as the importance of microbiome science increases and its scope of application expands.”

Rob GeniserEnvironmental Technology Foundation commented:

“We’re excited to see Eagle Genomics continue to mature and scale. The timing couldn’t have been better, the world’s focus on the disease has accelerated. in silicon innovation. When there is an urgent need to transform systems to support and protect the biosphere, Eagle Genomics can help deliver sustainability and impact-oriented business outcomes. We wish the team all the best as it expands its reach and deepens its capabilities.”


1. Network science studies complex networks of physical, biological, and social phenomena and can be used to explain and deeply understand these phenomena.

2. e[datascientist]™ powered by network science and multilayer hypergraphs, provides a data-driven journey to solve complex problems at scale using machine learning and AI. It integrates active learning at every step of the microbiome innovation journey, from “characterization” to “prediction,” identifying mechanisms of action. This has gained great traction with major household brands as they seek to highlight the connection between their latest products, microbiome health and One Health.

3. The microbiome, an ecosystem of bacteria, fungi and viruses found in virtually all living organisms, is directly linked to health and has been shown to affect the products we use and consume.

Notes to editors

On Eagle Genomics

Eagle Genomics is innovating at the intersection of biology, data sciences and bioinformatics to accelerate the bioeconomy by digitally reinventing life sciences R&D. The company’s award-winning AI-enhanced knowledge discovery platform, e[datascientist]™, enables scientists to use multidimensional data in minutes, not months, to help companies drive science-based innovation for next-generation products. It supports the entire innovation workflow – from hypothesis to insight to product claims – helping to bring new, safe and sustainable products to market faster in the food and nutrition, beauty and personal care, AgBio and BioPharma industries.

Eagle Genomics is building strategic relationships with leading microbiome-focused research institutions and has helped shape the microbiome strategic roadmap in the UK. A Cambridge, UK-head office has a global presence, it has sites Londoner education quarter, Hyderabad India, of New York Genome Center as well Paris Station F, Potsdam Science Park, Germany and Kyiv, Ukraine.

Learn more at www.eaglegenomics.com

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