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Rail travelers in Edinburgh face chaos in Scotland’s capital as the busy cross-country route is closed due to heavy rainfall for the rest of the day. Commuting on the rail route connecting Newcastle and Edinburgh is disrupted.

London North Eastern Railway (LNER) has also advised commuters to avoid traveling through that route. LNER advises them that rail services connecting Newcastle and Edinburgh have been canceled due to flooding. And the heavy rainfall is a little chaotic, causing travel restrictions in the eastern parts of Scotland. The CrossCountry trains have also communicated with the public by leveraging social media platforms.

LNER mentioned that the coaches would run, but the frequency could be much higher. If commuters decide not to travel, LNER will refund the fare in full. Network Rail is also taking action and working hard to reopen the line between Newcastle and Edinburgh.

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Only one railway line is in operation for passenger travel. A few posts shared by Network Railway are proof that flooding is the main reason for the delays on the route. In the eastern region of Scotland the water spews out and overflows the drains.

A passenger has filmed the train journey from Edinburgh to King’s Cross. It is clear that the water has covered the railway tracks and is flowing slowly towards the target. So it is recommended to avoid planning travel through this route.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What is LNER?
    London North Eastern Railway.
  2. Where is Edinburgh?
  3. Why is traveling in Edinburgh chaotic?
    Due to flooding.

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