Egypt on pace to become regional hub for vaccine production: GSK official – Business – Business | So Good News


El-Attar made his comments during the third edition of the Al-Ahram establishment’s two-day pharmaceutical conference, which began on Sunday.

The British multinational pharmaceutical company official also pointed out that Egypt’s cold storage has so far received 150 million COVID-19 vaccines, making the country a regional hub for vaccine production.

El-Attar cited the announcement by the World Health Organization (WHO) in March that Egypt was named as one of the countries that had reached maturity level 3 of the vaccine regulatory framework. This means they are found to be good and meet international standards.

“Certain studies have shown that investing in vaccination is the best investment in social initiatives, as it generates $44 in revenue, especially in developing countries, due to the high demand for vaccines. “90 percent of Egyptians depend on the vaccines provided by the Ministry of Health,” El-Attar said.

He added that the WHO has insisted on the need for vaccines, recognizing them as the second most important human need after drinking water.

In addition, more than six billion people worldwide have been vaccinated to prevent infectious diseases, El-Aattar said.

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