El Paso County; Colorado Springs pushes to win advanced manufacturing plant. | So Good News


The Colorado Economic Development Commission on Thursday morning contributed $3.88 million to Colorado Springs and El Paso County to win an advanced manufacturing facility that could help the nation’s efforts to restore domestic semiconductor production.

Semiconductors Project Garnet, codenamed for a company that creates electronics and process solutions for life sciences and other high-tech industries, is looking to invest more than $1 billion in a two-phase project that could create more than 1,000 jobs. Colorado.

The $3.88 million award approved by the state’s Strategic Fund is tied to the creation of 597 net new jobs and a $631 million investment in the first phase of the project. The jobs created will pay an average wage of $69,096, and technicians, chemists; Engineers Includes manufacturing and warehouse operations. Incentives are effective up to $6,500 per given job and are available over a 60-month period.

El Paso County once served as a secondary hub for semiconductor manufacturing before the pursuit of cost savings. But now there is a concerted push by the federal government to bring more advanced manufacturing back into domestic factories, fearing national security disruptions could threaten national security.


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