Elon Musk and Garry Kasparov Controversy over Putin’s War in Ukraine: Chess Grandmaster Asked if Russian Money Will Be in Twitter Deal – Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA ), TWITTER INC COM (NYSE: TWTR ) | So Good News


Elon Musk’s The peace plan to end the Russia-Ukraine war has been criticized from various quarters. Former chess champion on Monday Harry Kasparov He took a pro-Ukraine stance and struck hard Tesla Inc. TSLA CEO.

What happened: Kasparov and Musk lashed out at the Tesla CEO during a CNBC interview on Twitter, saying, “Why are people sitting on their Silicon Valley mansions telling Ukraine how to run their business?”

Musk fired back, even calling Kasparov an “idiot.”

Musk said that he does not have a home.

In the same thread, Musk disparaged the game of chess, saying it was “too simple to be useful in real life.”

Musk is proposing the failed strategy of previous US presidents Barack Obama the and Donald Trump and even what kind of President Joe Biden Wanted to engage in, early aspired Vladimir Putin and defeat to the Russian president and his “terrorist state”, Kasparov said.

Kasparov also asked several questions:

  • Did Musk talk to Putin?
  • If yes, Kasparov wanted to know when and about what.
  • If Musk hasn’t talked to Putin, why does he believe the Russian president is interested in his peace plan?
  • There is SpaceX Its use in Ukraine received compensation in addition to the huge PR value?
  • Funding for Musk Twitter Inc. TWTR Did the deal come from Saudi and Qatari sources who share many interests with Putin? Is Russia financing the deal?

In a follow-up tweet, Kasparov wrote: “When Putin is in power, he will continue to use blackmail – nuclear, energy, food, financial, compromising and all kinds. Rewards will only increase. Only his experience, not his genius, can be understood.”

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