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Manufacturing is a large and growing industry, especially in Everett. So in a series of sessions on Thursday, November 3, the Everett Public Library will partner with instructors from Everett Community College’s Advanced Manufacturing Training and Education Center (AMTEC) to provide information on manufacturing careers. AMTEC is a “one-of-a-kind art training center” that trains students in the latest manufacturing techniques and prepares them for future careers.

The first course will be taught by Ken Ackerman, a Mechatronics instructor on Nov. 3, and will cover the advancement of robotics in industry. The course will include state-of-the-art courses such as electrical mechanics, It will involve a combination of computer components and industrial manufacturing and assembly skills. Robotics and automation are the future of manufacturing. robotics; It will prepare participants for the work required as an electromechanical technician working in testing and maintenance of equipment.

The second lesson on November 10th will be taught by David Primacio and will cover Advances in Engineering Technology. Participants will learn computer-aided design (CAD); CATIA Students will learn a variety of technical design subjects, including software such as Solid Works and AutoCAD. The skills learned in this program are put into practical practice.

The third lesson will be on November 17th, a welding and fabrication lesson led by welding instructor Jason “Spike” Speicher. EVCC’s welding and fabrication program teaches all major welding and cutting processes. The emphasis in the welding program will cover welding skills as well as fabrication techniques. Along these courses, AMTEC manufactures heavy plate; Structural steel fabrication and surface welding techniques will be covered.

These courses are not exclusive to EVCC students and are open to anyone interested in pursuing a career in manufacturing. Each session consists primarily of discussions about job opportunities and career options, and is led by instructors from EVCC. All three sessions will begin at 6pm and will be held in the Main Library Auditorium at 2702 Hoyt Avenue. For more information, Call 425-257-8000 or visit http://www.epls.org/events for more information about this or other library events.


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