Fincantieri Ace Marine builds ships in Green Bay. | So Good News


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WGBA) — The water isn’t far from Fincantieri Ace Marine in Green Bay. The dock is along the Fox River.

Water is central to their business.

“We build ships for the navy; [for] commerce Anyone who needs a ship … that’s what we do,” said Bill Boudreau, production manager at the facility.

The operation employs more than 70 people and is looking to hire more.

“Within Fincantieri, we have every possible trade … so people can learn what they really want to do and do what they really want to do,” Boudreau said.

Wages start at $17 an hour and go up quickly, Boudreau said.

The factory builds aluminum products.

“It’s alive,” Boudreau said of the aluminum.

“We have to get together quickly.”


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