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As part of the development of Belagavi railway station, the construction of a new pit line with 24 coaches was started in 2019 and is now ready for operation. The new pit line is constructed to handle more trains in Belagavi.

The new pit line at Belagavi railway station is constructed on the south side. The 640 m long pit line will have the capacity to handle a train crane of 24 Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) buses. This Pitline can also handle 26 Integral Coach Factory (ICF) coaches.

Pit lines are the most important infrastructure required to perform primary maintenance on coaches of both express and passenger trains. The pit line will have facilities for day/night inspection, bus cleaning, bus charging and watering. The catwalks on both sides of the pit lane facilitate easy entry into buses, making maintenance and cleaning easy.

New Pitline at Belagavi Railway Sation
New Pitline at Belagavi Railway Station.

After each planned trip, during gear examination, brake system check, electrical maintenance, cleaning, washing both outside and inside, check of equipment equipment, watering of buses are taken up at the pit lines. After this, buses are cleared for 96 hours (four days) of driving from the depot. Emptying of the water tanks and maintenance of bio-toilets is also carried out at the pit line at regular intervals. All maintenance activities are carried out as per the guidelines given in the Coach Maintenance Manual issued by the Railway Board.

Belagavi railway station, one of the oldest railway stations in India, built in 1881, has been upgraded at a cost of Rs 210 crore.

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