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Ford has announced it will partner with Rockwell Automation to boost EV production at three of its manufacturing sites.

Ford to improve production efficiency; Ford has partnered with Wisconsin-based Rockwell Automation to bolster its EV manufacturing capabilities in the forever-long battle to lower costs and improve responsiveness to change. Rockwell is from Canada; Ford’s Oakville facility is working to ramp up EV production capacity. Blue Oval City Tennessee oil; and Avon Lake, Ohio facilities.

The most obvious problem facing Ford’s electrification plans is production. Although there are hundreds of thousands of orders for many EV models. They face an uphill battle to serve customers as quickly as possible. Looking at sales data from the company over the past months, a clear growth trend can be seen as the company is working to increase EV production capacity. Still, Tesla With new competition from Dodge and General Motors brands Chevrolet and GMC, Ford will need to ramp up production as quickly as possible to capitalize on its lack of competition.

In a statement from Rockwell; Few details about the deal have been made public, but company executives are optimistic about Ford’s ability to boost production. “We are proud to be part of Ford’s journey to accelerate EVs to customers,” said Jane Barr, vice president of Global Industry Accounts at Rockwell Automation. Ensuring compliance with regulations and customer expectations.”

Another problem is that Ford won’t doubt Rockwell to help them solve the recall problem. Throughout the past year, the company’s interior electronics, It faced almost constant recalls for drivetrain problems and other things, most of which specifically affected Ford’s electric products.

Good news for Ford customers and pre-orderers; With this outside help, Ford hopes to be able to meet customers’ needs faster and the products they deliver will be of higher quality. In particular, Ford’s electric truck will finally meet its competition next year, with eyes set on entertaining the Blue Oval.

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Ford announced a partnership to boost EV production.


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