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What can I do to combat climate change?

You may have asked yourself this after reading about the causes and effects of climate change. The answer has several possibilities, such as:

Don’t eat mindlessly

Taking care of your limited resources starts with eating what you need. We need to go shopping when we want, and make a list of things we need to avoid in order to avoid temptations that can damage our financial health. You should also buy products that are locally produced or in season because they require less time to travel and store.

We can also do things to eat properly without leaving home, such as turning off the shower water when we don’t use it, turning off the lights in the room when we don’t need them or using natural light. These are some of the smart ways to take care of the earth and our wallet.

Give things a second life

We often use things for their intended purpose. However, they may have other uses that we are not aware of. In fact, giving things new life can be a great activity to do with others in your family, especially children. We can use glass food containers, such as honey jars, to store school supplies. Or we can put cushions on the remaining chair to remodel our home into a garden sofa.

Manage your trash

Every day, we create a lot of waste that can cause serious damage. Therefore, it is our job to restore them according to what they were made of, to make them new. This will also prevent the excessive use of other resources such as water: according to the UN, each ton of recycled paper takes 50% less water and saves 17 trees.

Use the shared economy to your advantage

In recent years, sustainable financial platforms have come to the fore. They allow users to exchange, sell, rent or buy goods and services from other people or organizations. Some of the most popular platforms are ride-sharing, home rentals, and reusing books and other school supplies.

These simple, everyday tips will help you make the transition to a green economy. You can also help the environment by making sustainable investments in green bonds, which adhere to ESG standards.


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