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Friday Institute graduate students David Stokes and Kat Bordwiek with their advisors Hollylyn Lee and Gail Jones. Fellows were announced at the medal ceremony on Friday, November 14.

Each year, the Juma Institute for Educational Innovation selects graduate students to become Juma Institute Graduate Student Scholars. Fellows are nominated by Friday Institute faculty or directors and are selected for their academic excellence and service to students and faculty. This year’s Friday Institute graduate students are researching topics aimed at improving equity in STEM education and educating students and families about wildlife.

Fellows must be seniors at NC State University who have begun their dissertation and are actively involved in Friday Institute work. They will receive $2,000 to support their research.

Find out more about Friday Institute Graduate Students 2022 below.

Kathleen (Kath) Bordewick Doctoral student in the field of science NC State College of Education with extensive work in natural science education and focuses on environmental education. He has work and teaching experience in educational organizations Vermont Institute of Natural Sciencesthe Boston Museum of Science and Audubon Society. Bordevik conducted research at the Friday Institute Innovations in STEM Education Research a group that included research on middle and high school teachers’ cognitive processes used in science lesson planning, research on educational issues identified by scientists and informal science educators, graphic representations used in climate change education, and research on virus/vaccine education among K- 12 students.

This funding will allow Bordwick to continue its wildlife education work by recruiting and encouraging participants in a national survey of science educators’ educational engagement with students, teachers, families and the public.

“I have always been interested in human-wildlife interactions and want to focus on educating students and their families about wildlife sciences,” Bordwiec said. “We need to increase people’s interest in the natural world in which they live, my goal is to conduct research that connects the individual’s sense of the earth with the local ecology. I am very happy and honored to receive this award. I joined the Friday Institute last September and have been inspired by its many eager researchers. This award strengthened my confidence.”

Bordewick’s advisor, Gail Jones, nominated him for this award. Jones is Distinguished Graduate Professor of Science Education in the College of Education and Senior Lecturer at the Friday Institute.

“Kath is one of our outstanding students who conducts research and advocacy at the Friday Institute,” said Jones. “He is a dedicated, inquisitive and highly motivated researcher. Her background is in wildlife biology and her research sheds light on the sensitive area of ​​human-wildlife interactions. This research opens up new avenues for wildlife education.”

David Stokes Doctoral student in teaching and learning concentration in STEM Mathematics and Statistics Education in the College of Education. He is in the final stage of his dissertation and is the coordinator of training at the new educational institution Academy of Data Science in NC State. For the past two and a half years, Stokes has been a graduate research fellow Hollylyn Lee and Center for Innovation and Research in Statistics Education Team at Friday Institute (HI-RiSE). David worked at Juma Institute Writing data stories project.

David’s work focuses on contributions to STEM. He is currently developing and testing a survey to assess whether there is any relationship between college students’ memories of K-12 STEM education experiences and perceptions of their experiences consistent with a socio-critical approach to education. STEM sustainability and demography. The purpose of this study is to describe these student experiences and understand their potential in changing patterns of STEM underrepresentation.

This funding will allow Stokes to cover the costs of encouraging participation in the research protocol.

“The issue of STEM underrepresentation is the most pressing issue in STEM education, and my research contributes to possible solutions,” Stokes said. “When I received this award, I was supported and felt that my topic and research were relevant and important. It’s a great motivation to move in the right direction and it’s an honor for me.”

Lee, Stokes’ advisor, nominated him for the award. Lee is interim associate dean and senior lecturer at the Friday Institute and professor emeritus of mathematics and statistics education in the College of Education.

“David is very deserving of this award,” Lee said. “His research aligns well with the Friday Institute’s commitment to equity and STEM education. In her dissertation, she is undertaking a challenging study, but the findings can influence future researchers and provide insight into potentially high-impact educational experiences that can be linked to students’ pursuit of STEM-related career paths.

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