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5G technology will revolutionize the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at the 6th edition of India Mobile Congress 2022 in New Delhi on Saturday. Experts see 5G revolutionizing healthcare, education, agriculture and disaster control, and even the burgeoning drone industry.

In addition to consumer applications, businesses and the public sector have been using drones in many ways since they first took to the skies, including assisting in search and rescue missions, facilitating infrastructure inspections and delivering medical supplies, and improving access to health services in remote communities.

Vishal Saurav, CEO and Founder of VFLYX India, one of the prominent drone companies, told News18 that 5G technology will revolutionize the networking between systems and drones.

According to him, every drone needs a team of operators or pilots to function properly; especially when waiting for their reaction to environmental changes.

“If you take the example of a drone that goes around the border and suddenly detects that a person with a gun is trying to shoot it. It must take evasive action and this action is initiated by the operators. If there is a delay in sending the instructions, the asset may be lost,” he noted.

So, Saurav said he believes 5G technology will help solve this problem by reducing transmission and processing times.

“With the fast speed, we can control the drone in real time and make it work efficiently,” he added.

He also said that the low-latency live monitoring channel will be an added benefit of 5G, helping several key sectors such as military, transportation and weather.

Similarly, Esri India MD Dr. Agendra Kumar also said that he believes 5G will give a big boost to India’s drone industry.

5G promises better connectivity, faster speeds, less latency, more bandwidth, more coverage and higher reliability, Kumar said. “5G is expected to enable rapid upload of data from the field on cloud-based drone mapping platforms such as Esri India’s site scanning. This leads to greater efficiency in image data collection, processing and analysis.”

Not only that, the “5G-enabled ecosystem for drones” will open new doors of opportunity, especially in areas such as disaster management, rescue and relief operations, forest fire management and containment, and will also enable improved surveillance, direct monitoring. , and real-time updates, he explained.

He further said that the introduction of 5G combined with strategic government interventions such as the New Drone Regulations 2021, Production Linked Incentives (PLI) for drones, the Digital Sky Platform and the 2021 Geospatial Data Guidelines will lead to new results. A new era of drone technology adoption opportunities in India.

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